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The address and phone number have changed due to the relocation of the Osaka office.

We are the general affairs department of a small and medium-sized company.

AAIC Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office handles labor insurance procedures, social insurance procedures, payroll calculations, etc. on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises in general affairs and labor affairs, and provides one-stop support so that customers can concentrate on their business activities.

One-stop service

When you start a business, you have to calculate money, pay salaries, and manage employees.
For example, calculating salaries. The parts related to social insurance and the parts related to taxes are intertwined and are inseparable.
Rather than outsourcing work to a social insurance and labor consultant for social insurance and labor insurance, and a tax accountant for taxes, it is possible to outsource all work to one office, which saves time and money. can be reduced.
The work of social insurance and labor consultants and tax accountants are closely related and overlap in many areas.
We can handle all your labor and tax consultations. You can solve the main concerns of business owners in one place. That's one-stop service.

Business menu

We prepare a menu that meets your needs.

Company establishment/founding support

Once you establish a company, start your business, and hire people, you need to go through various procedures. We can handle all procedures at once, from the Labor Standards Inspection Office, Pension Office, Hello Work Office, to the Tax Office.

Labor and social insurance procedure agency

We support all the procedures that a company must carry out on a regular basis (once a year), such as when a company is established, when a person is hired, when a person resigns, when a raise is given, when a bonus is paid, and on a regular basis (once a year).

Payroll calculation agency service

From social insurance calculations to income tax calculations. From social insurance procedures (annual renewal, periodic revision, and occasional revision) to year-end adjustment. Can be substituted in bulk.

Creating/changing work rules

Are there any work rules?
Did you know? If you have 10 or more workers, you will definitely need to create work regulations.
Even if the number of employees is less than 10, work regulations are a fortress that protects the company.

Grant application procedure

Did you know that there are various subsidies available to help business owners? We can also help you apply for grants.

Consultation regarding labor matters

We will be happy to help you with any and all concerns that business owners may have.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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